Mentoring and Coaching

Goal Clarity/refocussing/Work/Life/Family/Breaking Through Barriers


Mentoring and Coaching (Adults and Young People) – Mentoring and coaching is goal driven, however this is presented in such a way that the client is able to start to take responsibility for their personal progression.  The Coach/Mentor would work alongside the client helping them to identify barriers to learning, achievement, satisfaction, motivation and productivity.  I believe the relationship with the client is key to the success of the mentoring work.  Mentoring is goal led and can support  identification of difficulties with support of an independent adult in order that the client is then able to work through these difficulties and ‘buy in’ to their own learning and development.  Many strategies are used in order to work effectively with each individual, including visual tools and some CBT tools and techniques.


My experience is in mentoring young people who are at risk of exclusion or that have been excluded from school and in examining and exploring small business development 


Everyone can get ‘stuck’ in habits of behaviour which stops them from making as much progress as they are capable of and would ultimately like to make.  Some people get stuck in negative thought processes and are then unable to see the positive; giving them a skewed understanding of themselves and how they interact with the world they are part of.  Mentoring and coaching individuals enables them to set themselves very personal targets while looking at their overall goal for future happiness and success.

Group work

Children and Young People, groups of staff members can all benefit from accessing group work that enables them to examine where they are with their work/school environment and to enable them to elicit change.  This is based on working with their experiences, how they feel at a current time and enabling them to set goals and targets which means they can become more productive, increase self- esteem and it enables them to build a sense of team and mutual understanding.

Mentor/coach:  Caroline Benham


Qualifications:  BA(Hons) Education Early Childhood Studies

                           Diploma in Integrative Counselling

                        Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

                          Certificate in Cognitive Mentoring and Coaching


Professional Body: TBC