Relationships/career/family/money​/work-life balance/anxiety​/depression/communication/​anger/fertility/addiction


My approach to counselling is Humanistic and Person Centred, however this is underpinned with psycho-dynamic understanding and attachment theory.  Being Integratively trained I am able to adapt my approach in order to meet the needs of the client; this includes use of art materials, visual support materials, sand tray work and CBT tools and techniques.


The work can be time-limited or extended in order to meet the needs of a particular individual.


This is a client led therapeutic talking approach which can help adults, couples, adolescents and young children in dealing with emotional issues that may be impacting on engagement and attainment in schools or in their personal lives or because they have or there are concerns around emotional well-being.


Areas which can be explored are personal relationships, work relationships and dynamics, bereavement and loss, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, addiction, fertility and many other areas.


I am a member of the BACP and abide by their code of ethics.  All work is confidential, with the exception of any Safeguarding or terrorism issues which would need to be reported.  This is explained to the adult/young person/organisation contract at the start of the relationship.


Counselling is a service where clients are helped to find the answer they are looking for with the support of a non-judgemental, congruent and professional individual.  Counselling can be a time limited or open ended arrangement, depending on the need of the client or service user.


Essex Elements aims to be as flexible as possible in meeting the needs of its client base and to this end offers a service to the following client base from the Life-Force Centre.


Adults – 1:1 sessions on a weekly basis, generally at the same time and day each week.  Clients are able to take breaks from counselling and return at a later date, re-contracting.  However there is no guarantee that the same time or space will be available


Couples – Couples counselling takes place on a weekly basis.  Couple can choose to come to counselling together and sometimes counselling can take place separately.  Both parties need to agree to separate counselling sessions. However, one client is responsible for payment of all sessions


Child and adolescent counselling – Children and parent(s) would come to the initial session in order to discuss what they both want from counselling.  Counselling has to be entered into voluntarily in order to facilitate movement; therefore all young people have to be open to coming in on a regular basis.


School Based/organisation based Counselling - Essex Elements aims to start to build relationships with schools and care givers in the local area over time.  School based counselling enables all young people and parents from the school to become aware of the existence of counselling services, on site.  This approach can support a child effectively with dealing with any issues, while still being able to access free time out of school.  For schools using the service, the service available to the child is free for the child with the school covering the costs.



Counsellor:  Caroline Benham


Qualifications:  BA(Hons) Education Early Childhood Studies

                         Diploma in Integrative Counselling

                            Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Professional Body: BACP